Buy in Bulk

Buy in Bulk

Purchase 30-minute Walk-up Passes in bulk at a discount. Bulk Walk-up Passes are perfect for your apartment residents, tour groups, freelancers, hotel guests and conference or convention attendees. Bike share is a fun and convenient way to get around town!

Fun Ways to Use Bulk Walk-up Passes

Offer to your tour groups or clients in town for a brief stay

Hotels and apartment buildings of all sizes can include in special packages

Conventions and conferences can provide convenient transportation or swag bag items for attendees


Options available for groups of any size. Regular price for Walk-up Passes is $3.50 per 30 minutes. The more you buy, the more you save!

Number of Passes Price per Pass Discount
 50-99  $2.80  20%
 100-499  $2.45  30%
 500+  $1.75  50%

Get Started

  1. Purchase as many 30-minute Walk-up Passes as you want and save!
  2. We send your 30-minute Walk-up Passes to you via email or mail in as little as 3-4 days.
  3. You distribute 30-minute Walk-up Passes to your guests, visitors or event attendees.
  4. Guests can redeem the 30-minute Walk-up Passes at any Metro Bike Share station.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is responsible for usage fees?

The rider is responsible for paying overage usage fees for rides that are longer than 30 minutes. The business who distributes these passes is not responsible.

Is my company liable for user safety?

The riders are responsible for their safety per the user agreement they accept upon enrollment. See user agreement here.

Is it possible to pay for Bulk Walk-up Passes with a check?

When organizations purchase bulk Walk-up Passes they must use credit or debit card. At this time checks are not accepted.

Do these passes expire?

Yes. These passes are valid one year from purchase date, but with all the fun bike rides your guests will take it shouldn’t be any problem using them before the expiration date!

Can I resell these passes?

No. These single ride passes can’t be resold.

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