Metro Bike Share Basics

What is Metro Bike Share?

Metro Bike Share offers convenient round-the-clock access to a fleet of bicycles for short trips and to get to and from transit on your schedule. Check out a bike and return it at any of our 90 stations in Downtown LA, Port of LA and Venice. We have over 1,000 bikes available 24 hours a day and 365 days a year.

Metro Bike Share is an additional public transportation option for locals and visitors to get around Downtown LA, Port of LA and Venice. It is fast, fun and affordable!

Who is Metro Bike Share for?

Metro Bike Share is for everyone! Locals and visitors alike are able to hop on a bike and ride, provided they are over the age of 16. Whether you are running an errand or heading to work, Metro Bike Share allows you to conveniently hop on a bicycle at one station and return the bicycle to any other station in the system.

Where can I go with Metro Bike Share?

Everywhere! Well almost…You will need to start and end your trip at one of our many bike share stations. Metro Bike Share is currently in Downtown LA, Port of LA and Venice.

Check the map to see station locations and real-time bike and dock availability anytime on the station map. Or, download the Metro Bike Share mobile app! For more information click here.

Is there an app?

Yes! The Metro Bike Share app is available for download on Google Play and App Store. For more information click here.

How were station locations chosen?

Community-selected station locations are assessed for feasibility, including sufficient sun exposure, space availability, and visibility.

Final station locations are identified through a community outreach process. This process includes recommendations from partner agencies, institutions, community groups and stakeholders.

To suggest a station or comment on a proposed one click here.

How do I use Metro Bike Share?

It’s easy!

1. Log in or create a TAP account.
2. Enroll in Metro Bike Share with your credit or debit card.
3. Start riding!

For more information, visit our How It Works page.

You can also walk up to any station kiosk and follow the instructions on the touch screen. You’ll need to use your credit or debit card to pay for trips in 30-minute increments.

How old do I have to be to ride?

Riders need to be at least 16 years old to use Metro Bike Share. Riders under 18 years old will need to have their parent or guardian purchase a pass for them.

Can I reserve a bike?

Sorry. Bikes are available on a first come, first served basis. You can see real-time bike and dock availability any time on the station map, and in the app. Check the map before your trip!

What if there are no bikes at the station?

If there are no bikes at your station, follow the prompts on the kiosk screen to view the 3 closest stations with the number of available bikes at each station. You can also use the app or the website station map to locate an available bike. Both the app and website map provide real-time information about the number of available bikes and docks at each station.

What if I need to return a bike and a station is full?

If the station is full, you must find an open dock at another station and return the bike. If you need some extra time to do so, you can get an extra 15 minutes on your trip by following the instructions on the touch screen. The best way to find your nearest available dock is to use the app.

Pro Tip: Always check the app or website station map before your ride to make sure there is a bike and dock available.

Are helmets required to ride Metro Bike Share?

Helmet use when using Metro Bike Share is strongly encouraged but not required by law for adults. Minors under 18 are required to wear a helmet by law.

Does Metro Bike Share ever close?

Metro Bike Share bikes are available 24 hours a day, everyday. However, the Metro Bike Share system may be forced to close during inclement weather or other major events. If we have to close any station we will alert riders via email, social media or SMS. Our customer service team is on hand from 7am to 10pm every day to assist you.


TAP Card & Interoperability

Will my TAP card work with Metro Bike Share?

Yes! But first you need to enroll in Metro Bike Share on the TAP website. Enroll in Metro Bike Share and select the option to “Use an existing TAP card” when purchasing your Metro Bike Share pass. After checkout and to ensure your TAP card is registered to your account, navigate to the “My TAP Cards” menu and click the “Register Card” button enter the 16- or 20-digit code on the back of your TAP card. Once registered, your TAP card is your key to access Metro Bike Share.

Note: Stored cash value on a TAP card may not be used for Metro Bike Share at this time. The credit card associated with your Metro Bike Share pass will be used for Metro Bike Share charges.

What if I don’t already have a TAP card?

No problem. You have two options:

1. You can order a TAP card for $2 when you buy a Metro Bike Share pass and it will be mailed to you.

2. You can ride on Metro Bike Share without a TAP card: just enter your phone number at the Metro Bike Share kiosk screen and you’re ready to go!

Will Metro Bike Share and Bike Share Connect be interoperable?

Your regional TAP card can be your key to both bike share systems, the Metro Bus & Rail system, and 23 other TAP-enabled systems in LA County. You will be able to use the TAP card to access both bike share systems. However, you will need to register 2 different accounts for Metro Bike Share (on TAP) and Bike Share Connect, and there are no transfer discounts. Plans for later phases include a single account for all systems for a seamless rider experience.

Bike Share Connect’s bikes cannot be locked in Metro Bike docking stations, and Metro Bikes cannot be locked at Bike Share Connect’s bike racks.

What if I already have a TAP account?

Great! Log in to your existing TAP account and enroll in Metro Bike Share. Once you have enrolled, you can start riding!

Can I use TAP Card stored value to check out a bike?

Stored cash value on a TAP card may not be used for Metro Bike Share at this time. The credit card associated with your Metro Bike Share pass will be used for Metro Bike Share charges.

Who do I contact if I have a problem with my TAP account?

For issues related to your Metro Bike Share account contact Metro Bike Share customer serviced:
Email: support@bikeshare.metro.net
Call or text: (844) 857-BIKE


Please contact TAP Customer Service for issues related to your TAP account:

Email: customerservice@taptogo.net
Phone: 866.TAPTOGO (1.866.827.8646)
Mailing Address:
TAP Customer Service
One Gateway Plaza
Mail Stop 99-2-3
Los Angeles, CA 90012

Will my TAP Card expire?

Regular TAP cards expire after 10 years. Reduced Fare TAP card expiration dates vary, depending on the type of card. Check your card’s expiration date by logging into your TAP account, at a TAP Vending Machine or at a TAP Vendor location.



How much does Metro Bike Share cost?

Less than $1 a day! Depending on the pass you choose. If you ride a lot, a $17 Monthly Pass might be for you. But if you ride occasionally you should consider a $5 Day Pass or $1.75 Single Ride. See more information about passes and pricing.

I don’t want to buy a pass, I just want to ride. Can I do that?

Of course. You can walk up to any kiosk to get a bike with your credit or debit card.

I’ve purchased a pass. How soon can I ride?

Almost immediately. Give us a few minutes for your account to process and then you’ll be good to go. Once you have purchased your pass you are ready to ride! If you are waiting for your shiny new TAP card to be delivered you can still ride, just enter your phone number at the kiosk screen and you’re ready to go!

When does my Monthly Pass or Annual Pass period begin?

Your pass period begins as soon as you purchase it. If you don’t already have a TAP card or are waiting for your new TAP card to arrive in the mail, you can still ride immediately. To ride Metro Bike Share while waiting for your TAP card, walk up to any kiosk. When asked if you want to purchase a trip, select “I have a pass” and follow the prompts to get a bike. You will need you cell phone with you to checkout a bike anytime you do not have your TAP card.

How often is my card charged?

Pass fees are charged when Metro Bike Share enrollment occurs. Depending on your pass type, you may opt-in to auto-renewal.

For all pass types purchased through TAP, usage fee billing is processed once bike is docked and trip is completed. Trip usage fees are charged to the designated card on file which was used during Metro Bike Share enrollment.

How do I switch my pass type?

Contact Metro Bike Share Customer Service at (844) 857-BIKE and we will be happy to help.

Can I take out more than one bike at a time?

You may only take out one bike at a time with your TAP card. However, you can take out up to four bikes at a time when purchasing Single Ride trips with your credit or debit card at the kiosk.

When will I be charged for a Single Ride purchase?

If you purchase a Single Ride at the kiosk you will be charged immediately for your first 30 minutes. Usage fees for trips over 30 minutes will be charged 24 hours after your bike is returned.

If you purchase a Single Ride online you will be charged the day you take your trip.

How do I use a promo code to sign up for a pass?

Promo codes can be entered at the checkout page. The discount will be immediately applied to the pass purchase if using a valid and eligible promo code.

How do usage fees work and when does my trip start and end?

A “trip” begins when you remove a bike from any station dock point, and ends when you return it to any station dock point. You will know the bike is securely locked when you see a flashing green light and hear three beeps from the dock point.

Usage fees accrue in 30-minute increments. Refer to our Metro Bike Share pricing page for details on usage fees by pass type.



What if a bike I checked out has a problem?

If you check out a bike and it has a problem, please return the bike to the nearest station. Call us at (844) 857-BIKE immediately so we can fix it and so we can make sure you can continue to ride!

What if I damage a bike?

Metro Bike Share bikes are going to experience regular wear and tear, and we have a team of mechanics working to keep the system in good working order. However, if you cause obvious damage to a Metro Bike Share bike, you are responsible for the cost of repair. Please call us immediately at (844) 857-BIKE.

What if my pass is lost or stolen?

If you lose your TAP card, call us immediately at (844) 857-BIKE so we can cancel the card and get you a new one. Or, log in to your TAP account and report your lost or stolen TAP card by clicking “My TAP Cards”, navigate to the drop-down menu next to the card you wish to suspend and click “Report Lost or Stolen Card.” Make sure you do this quickly to avoid unauthorized use on your account.

What if my bike is lost or stolen?

Immediately call us at (844) 857-BIKE. The Rider must report the bike disappearance or theft to the local Police Department where theft occurred within 24 hours. Metro Bike Share will consider timely reporting of a stolen or lost bike and a police report when assessing any cost associated with the Rider’s responsibility for the bike.

The Customer Service representative you speak with will ask you to fill out a Theft Report form. In addition, you MUST call or visit the police precinct in which the theft occurred within 24 hours and file a theft report. Your account may be charged for the cost of recovery or replacement of the bike. Please note, you must contact Metro Bike Share immediately.

What if I’m involved in a crash?

If anyone is injured, call 911 immediately. You should also call the police department in the jurisdiction the crash took place and file a report with an officer. This will help assure all important information is documented.

Within 24 hours of the incident, you must notify us of the crash by calling Customer Service at (844) 857-BIKE. The bike remains your responsibility until it has been properly locked at a dock, or handed over to a Metro Bike Share representative. Otherwise, you must secure the bike until you are able to return it to Metro Bike Share.


Managing Your Information

How do I receive (or stop) text notifications?

When signing up for a pass, you can choose to receive text notifications. This preference can be changed anytime by logging into your Metro Bike Share account in TAP and changing your Profile settings.

How do I change or update my credit card or TAP card information?

Log in to your TAP account and go to “My Account” and then “Manage Payments.”
For Bikeshare for Business pass holders, log into your Metro Bike Share account and select “Billing Info” or “TAP Card” to update your information.

How does Metro Bike Share track my trip information?

Our system uses RFID technology in your card, the bikes, and at the station to track your trip’s start and end points. The system then uses algorithms to estimate calories, miles, and carbon emissions.

How do I find my personal ride statistics?

Information about the trips you’ve taken with Metro Bike Share are posted to your account. Log into your account to view the date and time of your trips, the duration of each trip, the starting and ending points, and any additional fees for those trips.

Am I financially responsible for the bike while I have it checked out?

Yes. As detailed in the User Agreement, you are responsible for the bicycle while it is checked out under your account. If something happens to the bicycle during your check-out, your account will be charged accordingly.

Can I loan my Metro Bike Share pass to someone else?

You are responsible for any bike checked out with your Metro Bike Share pass, as detailed in the User Agreement. If you lose your TAP card, call Customer Service immediately at (844) 857-BIKE so we can suspend your TAP card and prevent anyone else from using it to gain access to a bike for which you are financially responsible.

How do I cancel my pass?

We’re sad to see you go! To cancel your pass, log into your TAP account, navigate to “My Programs”, and select “Cancel Pass” on the menu below your active Metro Bike Share pass. If you are enrolled in pass auto-renewal, opt-out by selecting “Change” under Auto-Renew and toggle the button to “Off”.

How do I switch my pass type?

To change your pass, log into your TAP account, navigate to “My Programs”, and select “Change” below your active Metro Bike Share pass.

Or, contact Metro Bike Share Customer Service at (844) 857-BIKE and we will be happy to help.