Classic Metro Bike

Efficient, Fun, and Reliable

If you live, work, or play in Downtown LA, Central LA or on the Westside you may already be familiar with the green and black of the Classic Metro Bike.

The Classic Metro Bike is a docked bike share system which offers access to bikes at specific locations across the county.

When you're ready to ride, you can purchase a pass at any Classic Metro Bike kiosk, or save time and money, and sign up for a pass online!

About the Classic Metro Bike

Classic Metro Bikes are accessible in Downtown LA, Central LA and on the Westside. Find and ride bikes anywhere and end your rides at any Classic Metro Bike station.


Fun, affordable, and reliable. All Classic Metro Bikes feature adjustable seats and wide tires for comfort, a roomy front basket for carrying your cargo, and three speeds to keep the rolling easy and shifting simple.


Docked System. There's no place like a dock for a Classic Metro Bike. When your ride ends, simply dock a Classic Metro Bike at any of the Classic Metro Bike stations in Downtown LA, Central LA or the Westside. Download the Metro Bike app for station locations and dock availability.


Better with TAP. Metro Bike Share is better with TAP! Visit to enroll in Metro Bike Share. You can register a current card or purchase a new TAP card and we'll send you one within two weeks!

How It Works

Ready to ride? Purchase a pass online or at any Classic Metro Bike station. Rides are $1.75 for every 30 minutes. Visit our pricing page to find the pass that's right for you and save time by purchasing a pass online!


Release it.

Once you've purchased a pass, there are three ways to release a bike.

  • Use a TAP Card: If you are a Metro Bike Share pass holder and have a registered TAP card, find a Classic Metro Bike, press the silver button on the dock, and TAP your card to the lighted panel. You will hear three beeps when your bike is released.
  • Use Your Phone Number or Credit Card: If you are a Metro Bike Share pass holder, or if you purchased a single ride at a Classic Metro Bike station, you can use your phone number and credit card at the kiosk to release a bike.
  • Use the Metro Bike Share app: Metro Bike Share pass holders can find and release Classic Metro Bikes with the Metro Bike Share app.

Return it.

When you are done riding, end your ride by returning the bike to a Classic Metro Bike Station. Push the bike firmly into the dock and listen for three beeps to confirm that the bike has been returned.

Looking for a station? Check station map online or download the Metro Bike Share app for real-time station locations and dock availability.