How It Works


1. Release

Buy a pass and get started.

Let's get rolling!

Once you've purchased a pass, download the Metro Bike Share app to find stations and unlock Metro Bikes.

Visit our Classic, Electric and Smart Bike pages for more information on the different bikes.


2. Ride

Get going!

Ride cool. Be Safe.

Always follow the rules of the road. Helmets dramatically reduce the risk of head injury in a bicycle crash. Riders under 18 are required by California Law to wear a helmet.

Find more safe riding tips on our riding tips page.


3. Return / Lock

End at any station.

Keep your bike close, but don't keep it forever!

Never leave your bike unattended and always properly return your bike to end your trip.

Use the Metro Bike Share app to find stations near you!

Learn more about the bikes.

Smart Metro Bikes

Unlock the city with the Smart Metro Bike, now available in North Hollywood.

Classic Metro Bikes

Ride a Classic Metro Bike in DTLA, Central La and on the Westside.

Electric Metro Bikes

Boost your ride with the Electric Metro Bike in DTLA, Central LA and the Westside.


Get the App!

With the official Metro Bike Share app, you can:

  • Purchase Metro Bike Share passes
  • Unlock Metro Bikes from your phone
  • Find available bikes and docks near you