How It Works

The Metro Bike Share system features hundreds of  bikes available 24/7, 365 days a year in Downtown LA, Port of LA and Venice. Station locations were selected based on proximity to community resources, employment centers, bike infrastructure and transit in consultation with partner agencies, institutions, community groups and stakeholders.

Each station has a touchscreen kiosk, a map of the bike share system, and of course Metro Bikes! System wide, there are about twice as many "dock points", or bike parking spots, as there are Metro Bikes. This helps make finding an available dock point easier when arriving to your destination. You must be 16 or older to ride a Metro Bike. Scroll down to learn more.

Sign up for a pass


Create a TAP account to ride.

Create a TAP account, enroll in Metro Bike Share, and start riding! You can use an existing TAP card, purchase a new TAP card or opt out and use your phone number to check out a bike at any kiosk. Single Rides are also available for purchase at any station with your credit or debit card. Learn more about pass options on our pricing page.

Watch your mailbox

If you purchased a TAP card, you will receive it in the mail. If you want to ride a Metro Bike while you are waiting for your card in the mail, enter your phone number at any kiosk.


Get a bike

From any station

Use your TAP card

Walk up to any bike, touch the silver button to wake up the dock, tap your TAP card on the reader and away you go!

Or not...

Use your credit card at any station kiosk to buy a Single Ride. Choose your bike and complete your transaction using the kiosk touch-screen. If you bought a pass online and do not have a TAP card, you can still get a bike by verifying your identity at the kiosk.

Get comfy

Metro Bike Share seats are adjustable to fit a range of riders. Throw your stuff into the front basket, and you’re ready to go! Front and rear lights shine automatically when you pedal to help you see and be seen. Don’t forget your helmet!


Go for a Ride

Anywhere you want

Time is money

Single Rides cost $1.75 per 30 minutes. Day, Monthly and Annual passes include free 30 minute trips and are $1.75 every 30 minutes thereafter. Learn more about pricing.
Learn more about pricing.

Ride cool, be safe

Wear a helmet. Yield to pedestrians. Obey traffic signals. Always ride in the direction of traffic. Be smart, always follow the rules of the road. Learn more about safe riding on our riding tips page.

Where will you go?

Connect to Metro transit, ride to work, get some fresh air, explore. Go where you want, when you want!


Give it back

At any station

Pick a station, any station

Use the station map or the app to see real time bike availability throughout the system.


When returning your bike to a station, just put it into any open dock. You will see a flashing green light and hear the dock point beep three times to confirm it’s been properly locked. You're done! Pass holders will be able to log into their profile to see trip history and billing details.

Station full?

Touch the screen on the kiosk to get 15 minutes added to your time at no charge and to find a nearby station with available docks.

Pro tip: check the app before you ride to make sure the station you are going to has space available.

Any issues?

If you run into any problems during your trip, or to report maintenance issues, call 844-857-BIKE (844-857-2453)