Bike Share for Business

Bike Share for Business

A fun and affordable transportation benefit for your employees at a discounted price

Here's how it works


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Employees enroll to receive a discounted pass


Your company is billed annually for every employee enrolled in your plan

One Affordable Annual Plan

Your business can save over 40% on Metro Bike Share's 365-Day Passes.

365-Day Pass

$89 per year
  • All the benefits of our 365-Day Pass
  • $89 per employee (over 40% savings)
  • Employees pay for all trips over 30 minutes

Bike Share for Business is a program that lets employers purchase discounted Metro Bike Share passes for their employees.

A minimum purchase of five passes is required. Employers pay for the cost of the pass and employees pay for additional usage fees.

Get in touch with us to learn more about how Metro Bike Share can benefit your business!

Available for small and large organizations

Encourage a healthy lifestyle and environmentally friendly transit

Attract and retain top talent

Benefits of Bike Share for Business

  • Offering a discounted Metro Bike Share pass to your employees can boost employee productivity and morale while providing a healthy way to get around Los Angeles.
  • With Metro Bike Share, employees can plan their own trips on our mobile app, ride on their own schedule, and check out bikes across Los Angeles County.
  • Employees can arrive at work on time, with less stress, more money in their pocket, and the good feeling of reducing their carbon footprint.
  • Forget about traffic! Employees can hop on a Metro Bike Share bike and travel at their leisure.
  • We can even provide information and instruction to educate and encourage your team.
  • We can provide bicycle safety classes, learn to ride classes, and group rides for those who may need a little encouragement.

Frequently Asked Questions

For employers

How many employees are required to sign up?

You must have a minimum of five people in your organization to be eligible for the program.

Is it possible to pay Bike Share for Business fees with a check?

When organizations sign up for the Bike Share for Business program they are asked to enter a credit card for automated billing. At this time checks are not accepted.

Is my company liable for user safety?

The riders are responsible for their safety per the user agreement they accept upon enrollment. See user agreement here.

For employees

How can employees who are current passholders switch to a Bike Share for Business pass?

If an employee is currently a passholder, they can switch their pass to a business pass. Their business pass will become effective the day the existing pass expires. Please contact customer service to inquire (call or text): (844) 857-BIKE (844-857-2453) or

How soon can employees start riding after signing up?

All passes purchased with a credit card become active immediately. Current passholders can unlock Metro Bikes by downloading and logging into the Metro Bike Share app or by linkings their TAP card to their account through account settings.

Who is responsible for usage fees?

The employee is responsible for paying usage fees for rides that are longer than 30 minutes. The employer is not responsible.

Can I use my current TAP card for Bike Share?

Yes, bike share passes can be added to current TAP cards including ATAP and BTAP passes! Users can enter their TAP card number when they enroll in our program, and the bike share pass will be added to that card. Only one bike share pass per TAP card.


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