Create a TAP Account

Create a new TAP account
to continue riding

Current passholders must sign up for a new
Metro Bike Share account.

Continue riding in 3 easy steps


Log in to your existing TAP account or create a TAP account.


Enroll in Metro Bike Share with your credit or debit card.


Ride! Use your TAP card or phone number at any station to check out a bike.

Benefits of Metro Bike Share on TAP

Manage all of your transit accounts in one place and stay organized.

Always know where to find and manage your Metro passes.

Use one card and one account for access to all of LA.

Got Questions? We've Got Answers!

Will I be charged for multiple accounts by switching over to TAP?

No. Once your current pass expires you will no longer be charged for your old pass. Moving forward you will only be charged for trips associated with your new Metro Bike Share account on TAP.

What will happen to my active pass on my old Metro Bike Share account?

You will be able to use your active pass until it expires. Once your active pass expires, you will need to create a new account on TAP (if you don’t already have one) in order to buy a new pass and keep riding. It’s a simple process, and you can find out more here.

Can I use my Metro Bike Share branded TAP card for my new pass on TAP?

Yes! Enroll in Metro Bike Share on TAP. In your TAP account, navigate to “My TAP Cards” add your Metro Bike Share TAP card by clicking the “Register Card” button and following the instructions. It will be associated to your new pass automatically.

Will I be able to access my old Metro Bike Share account?

Yes, you will be able to access your legacy Metro Bike Share account to view trip history and billing history here.

What will happen to my personal information on the old Metro Bike Share account?

Personal information shall be discarded no more than four years and six months after the final billing cycle has concluded, the bill has been paid, and all toll or fare violations, if applicable, have been resolved.

Can I use TAP Stored Value for usage fees?

Not at this time; credit or debit card must be used upon Metro Bike Share enrollment on TAP.

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