Meet the New Electric Metro Bike



On November 8th, 2018, a limited number of shared electric pedal-assist bikes were introduced into the existing Metro Bike Share fleet as part of the Electric Metro Bike pilot program. The pilot ended in early March and we are excited to announce that Metro Bike Share will permanently add a number of Electric Metro Bikes to the current fleet of available bikes in Downtown LA and Central LA later this year!


Electric pedal-assist motor. The Electric Metro Bike is powered by a mid-drive pedal-assist motor capable of speeds up to 17 mph with an electric “boost." This is perfect for climbing hills, shortening your commute, or just covering more ground!

Easy-to-find power button. Turn on the electric assist by pressing the power button on the display located on the handlebars. Make sure the bike is at a standstill before you press the power button, or else it won’t turn on! When you’re finished riding, return to a Classic Metro Bike Share station by giving it a firm push into the dock, and you're good to go!


Safety Tips

Just like Classic Metro Bikes, you’ll want to follow the rules of the road. The Electric Metro Bike is a pedal-assist electric bicycle and can reach speeds up to 17mph with assistance. The motor only engages when you pedal. You and others on the road may be surprised by how fast the electric bike can go. Higher speed increases the risk of a crash. Warning: if you are in a crash, you could be injured or killed.

Always wear a helmet. People under 18 are required to wear one by law. For more tips, check out our Riding Tips.

Ride Today

How to find Electric Metro Bikes. Classic Metro Bike Share stations that have Electric Metro Bikes docked at them display a green lightning bolt symbol above the station icon on the station map or app. As part of a special launch promotion, unlocking fees for Electric Metro Bikes are waived until August 31st!

How to check out Electric Metro Bikes. Pending availability, you can check out a Electric Metro Bike the same way you check out a Classic Metro Bike, regardless of which pass type you have.   If you are a passholder, you can use your TAP card or look up your account with your phone number at any station to check out a bike. Or you can purchase a pass with your credit or debit card at any station.


Got Questions? We've Got Answers!

How is a Metro Electric Bike different from a classic Metro Bike?

Metro Electric Bikes include a motor that provides assistance as you pedal. Electric bikes allow people to travel by bike faster and further with less physical effort on the part of the rider.

How do I find and check out an electric bike?

Sign up and then use your TAP card or look up your account with your phone number at any Metro Bike Share station to check out a Metro Electric Bike, just the same way you would any other Metro Bike.  Or you can purchase a Single Ride with your credit or debit card at any station. Check out our How it Works page to learn more.

Stations with electric bikes may be found by checking the online station map or in the Metro Bike Share app. Stations that have electric bikes docked at them display a green lightening bolt symbol above the station icon.

How fast does it go?

Metro Electric Bikes provide pedal assistance up to speeds of 17 miles per hour. The motor in electric bikes only provides assistance when you pedal.

How long does the battery last?

The battery life for the Metro Electric Bike depends on many factors including terrain, riding style, temperature, and the weight of the rider and cargo being transported. Under ideal conditions, a full charge allows Metro Electric Bikes to travel about 30 miles before they need to be recharged. Metro Electric Bikes indicate how much of their total battery life remains on their display. We will regularly monitor and charge batteries as needed.

What happens if the battery dies and what do I do if the battery runs out while I’m riding?

In the unlikely event the battery on an electric bike dies, the motor will stop providing pedal assistance. Fortunately, the motor does not add any noticeable drag when turned off. The lights on the bike will still function and you will still be able to shift gears, dock, undock, brake, and pedal like on a traditional bike.

If an electric bike runs out of battery while you’re riding, you can either finish your trip or dock the bike at the closest station and undock another bike. Please call or text us at 844.857.BIKE or email us at to alert us that the battery has died.

How old do I have to be to ride an electric bike?

Just like classic Metro Bikes, riders need to be at least 16 years old to use Metro Bike Share. Riders under 18 years old will need to have their parent or guardian purchase a pass for them.

On what part of the street should I ride a Metro Electric Bike?

The laws for riding a Metro Electric Bike are the same as the laws for riding a traditional bike. Every lane is a bike lane, people on bikes may use a whole lane. Minimize riding on the sidewalk. Always yield to pedestrians. A bicycle is a vehicle, follow and obey all traffic lights and signs.

How much does the Metro Electric Bike weigh?

Metro Electric Bikes weigh about 50 pounds, which is only 3 pounds heavier than our classic Metro Bikes.

How much does it cost to use a Metro Electric Bike?

For the duration of the pilot, there is no additional cost associated with using Metro Electric Bikes. Pending availability, you may check out an electric bike the same way you check out any other Metro Bike, regardless of which pass type you have. If you happen to incur any usage fees during your ride, those will be applied at the same rate and in the same way as any other Metro Bike.