Pedal to the Polls with Metro Bike Share.

Get Free 30-minute Rides on Election Day

Election Day is November 3. Metro Bike Share is offering FREE 30-minute rides until 11:59PM, November 3, 2020 so that everyone has a chance to roll to the polls.

To redeem your free ride, select 1-Ride at any Metro Bike Share kioskonline or in the Metro Bike Share app and use the code 110320. A credit or debit card is required. Temporary authorization holds may apply. Rides longer than 30 minutes are just $1.75 for each additional half hour. Electric Metro Bike unlocking fees are waived.

Pedal to the Polls with Metro Bike Share

Metro Bike Share is encouraging everyone to vote in the upcoming election and is offering FREE 30-Minute rides on Election Day to get people to the polls. So, if you're casting your ballot on November 3, plan ahead and roll to the polls with Metro Bike Share.

Check Your Registration

Check your registration status and see if you are eligible to vote by mail or early voting.

Get a 1-Ride Pass

1-Ride passes are FREE at kiosks and online on November 3, 2020 with promo code 110320.

Find a Station

Use the station map online or in the app to find a station near you and your destination.