Pedal Perks

Earn points. Get rewards.

Earn one point for every ride you take as a 30-Day or 365-Day Passholder. Complete special tasks and earn even more points. In a system as large as Metro Bike Share, there are stations that need bikes, and there are docks that yearn to be free. Extra points are earned for checking out bikes from full stations or returning bikes to empty ones. Use the Metro Bike Share app to locate stations with special tasks. Redeem points in the Pedal Perks store for rad gear. It’s that simple!


Do I need to be a current Passholder to earn points?
Yes, you need to be a current 30-Day or 365-Day Passholder to earn points.

Do I need to be a current passholder to redeem my points?
Yes, you need to be a current 30-Day or 365-Day Passholder to redeem points. If your pass expires, points are held in your account until you renew your pass. Once you renew your pass, you may redeem points.

I thought I won points, why don’t I see them?
Pedal Perk points are based on a dynamic set of live rules that update and refresh in real time. If you think you should have been awarded points but were not, a few factors could be in play: points take a few hours to register on your scoreboard, the map may have updated before you checked out or returned a bike, you might have committed a counteraction, or might not have docked your bike properly. Points will not be awarded retroactively.

I have more points than I am able to redeem, what do I do?
When your "points earned" does not match the points you are able to redeem, clear the cache on your iOS or Android phone and close and refresh the Metro Bike Share App.

If issues persist, please contact customer support at if you think there is an inaccuracy with your points. Please allow 3-5 days for responses.

Is there a maximum number of points I can earn?

I placed an order, how long can I expect to receive a confirmation?
You will receive a confirmation email as soon as you place your order confirming your item. Orders are fulfilled on weekdays and can take up to 7 days to ship out.

Do you ship internationally?
Pedal Perks items are only shipped to the US and not internationally.

Can I cash in my points for money, or other prizes?
Points can only be redeemed at the Pedal Perks store in the app.

I have a question about my points or a Pedal Perks order I placed, who do I contact?
Please email . Allow 3-5 days for responses.

How to Earn Extra Points

Extra Points: Returning Bike Tasks
Extra points are earned by bringing a bike to stations with a purple down arrow.

Extra Points: Checkout Tasks
Points are earned by taking a bike from stations with a pink up arrow.

Max Points: Complete two tasks in one trip
Complete a checkout and a return bike tasks in a single trip for maximum points!

Points are not awarded for actions that negate your positive actions. (Learn more below)

What are counteractions?

Extra points are NOT awarded for trips that cancel out another action. These include:

Return tasks at both stations 
No extra points are awarded when return tasks are active for your checkout and return stations.

Checkout tasks on both stations 
No extra points are awarded when checkout tasks are active for your checkout and return stations.

No extra points are awarded for a roundtrip.

Checkout after a reward at a station
No extra points are awarded for checking out a bike within 15 minutes of returning the bike to a station with either a checkout or return task.