Westside Ride Guide

Take the Ballona Creek Bike Path past Baldwin Hills, the Culver City Stairs, the Ballona Wetlands Ecological Reserve, and Dockweiler State Beach.

Length: 12 Miles, from Metro Bike Share Palms E Line Station to Metro Bike Share Dockweiler Station

This bike path runs in two directions, and there are multiple points at which to turn around or exit the path. Be mindful of other riders and pedestrians, and please ride courteously and respectfully.

Starting Station: Palms E Line Station

Conditions: Moderate elevation, off-street bike path, with a short stint on Venice Blvd. with a dedicated bike lane.


  • Palms E Line Station
  • Metro Bike Hub at Culver City E Line Station
  • Syd Kronenthal Park
  • Baldwin Hills
  • Culver City Stairs
  • Ballona Wetlands Ecological Reserve
  • Dockweiler State Beach

Notes: Always return your Metro Bike to a Metro Bike Share station to end your trip. Never leave your Metro Bike unattended!


  • Head East and join the Exposition Corridor Bike Path
  • Make a Left turn onto Venice Blvd. at the intersection. For safety, we recommend you dismount and walk your bike across this intersection.
  • First Right onto National Blvd.
  • Left onto Washington Blvd.
  • Right onto Wesley Street
  • Wesley Street will lead you onto the bike path that runs parallel to National Blvd.
  • After Syd Kronenthal Park, but before the Bike Path Bridge, follow the bike path to the left
  • The path will loop you around and onto the start of the Ballona Creek Bike Pat
  • Follow the path for as far as you’d like, to the Ballona Wetlands, or even to the beach!

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