Westside Improvement Project

Something Awesome Is Coming.

Important Service Update for the Westside Region:

Updated 12/30/20: In October 2020, the Metro Bike Share team installed and re-launched 17 Metro Bike Share stations on the Westside. Station locations and bike availability can be found on the station map online and in the Metro Bike Share app. As of December 2020, over 40 upgraded stations have been installed, with more new stations scheduled to come online through January 2021.

These system updates are part of a comprehensive improvement project to update our bike share system and technologies on the Westside. This project will allow us to provide Angelenos with an improved and simplified rider experience, greater system reliability and increased bike availability. Once the upgrades are made, riders will be able to ride and dock Metro Bikes and Electric Metro Bikes at any of the over 200+ stations in the DTLA, Central LA and the Westside regions.

For questions or customer support, please call or text us at 1-844-857-2453 or email support@bikeshare.metro.net.