Will my TAP card work with Metro Bike Share?

Yes! But first you need to enroll in Metro Bike Share.
If you are enrolling on metro.net/bikeshare, you can register a TAP card to your account by logging into your account online or in the Metro Bike Share app and selecting “Edit TAP card.”
If you are enrolling on TAPtogo.net/metrobikeshare, enroll in Metro Bike Share and select the option to “Use an existing TAP card” when purchasing your Metro Bike Share pass. After checkout and to ensure your TAP card is registered to your account, navigate to the “My TAP Cards” menu and click the “Register Card” button enter the 16- or 20-digit code on the back of your TAP card.
Once registered, your TAP card can be used to unlock Metro Bikes at any station. To do this, press the silver button on the dock of the bike you want to release, and hold your TAP card to the lighted panel.
Note: Stored cash value on a TAP card may not be used for Metro Bike Share at this time. The credit card or debit card associated with your Metro Bike Share pass will be used for Metro Bike Share charges.